Baby Jumper Gym
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June 2012

This year, Baby Jumper Gym has been awarded Promising SME 500 Platinum Category for business excellence in the area of Service, Integrity, Innovation, Motivation, Creativity. Check out our milestone page or facebook for more details.

May 2012

Channel News Asia reported on Dr. Amy Khor, Minister of Health and Member of Parliament visit to our Bukit Batok center to take a look at what we do in maintaining our safety and hygiene standard

With recent HFMD cases on the rise in Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has extended spot-checks initiatives to private enrichment centres and Primary school. During these checks, Baby Jumper Gym passed with flying colors and impressed MOH officials as a center with exemplary good hygiene control processes.

Thank you parents for your cooperation in adhering to BJG's safety and hygiene standard!

Feb 2012

Good for toddlers to learn more languages by MyPaper, GwendolynNg

Toddlers who are learning many languages have been found to perform better at certain tasks than those who are learning fewer languages, a study revealed yesterday. Read more:

Jan 2012

Babies learn speech by lip-reading, says study

Babies don't learn to talk just from hearing sounds. New research suggests they're lip-readers too. Read more:

Michelle, Mother Of Dayna (3 years old))

“Thank you Baby Jumper Gym, I enrol my daughter into BJG because I am totally impressed with the quality of teachers I could find there. They are passionate, sincere and confident in their delivery of lessons. This coupled with an extremely interesting curriculum makes BJG my ultimate choice for an enrichment class.”

Janice & Yew Fei, Parents Of Bryan (2 Years Old))

“Bryan started attending BJG classes when he was 18 months old. Gradually, we saw marked improvements in Bryan's fine motor skills. By the age of 2, Bryan could recognize simple words in both English and Chinese. We are indeed delighted to see such improvements in Bryan.

An excellent program that we'll like to recommend to all parents who believe in giving the best to your kids. ”

Mother Of Ethan (11 Months Old)

“My son, Ethan, started attending weekly classes at Baby Jumper Gym when he was 9 months old. Now at 11 months old, he responds actively to actions and songs, can even recognize a sizeable amount of words, pictures and the surroundings. I am impressed! This is made possible all thanks to BJG's fun and creative learning approach, the enriching yet enjoyable curriculum which encompasses all aspects of a child's development, and not forgetting the friendly and dedicated teachers.

To BJG: Thanks for developing my son's learning potential, and improvement in motor, sensory and recognition skills. Keep up the good work!”